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The USA media culture of all my life, born in 1969, has been one of PRO-VIOLENCE & ANTI-NAKEDNESS. In the USA, nakedness is almost always sexual. Marketing women to dressed / cosmetic / perfumed to be sex, male dominated, from 1980 onward, it became a permanent trend - the Equal Rights Amendment to the USA Constitution was mocked on media & in jokes. As a blonde haired, blue eyed, white German-named American, men would openly express sexism, racism, worship of white men rulers/king icons in front of me in all my travels and visits. NFL Football is a very male on male sexual sport, the locker room culture, the dress-up game. And in those locker rooms they talked about dominating women and it worked - for a certain type of woman who was a status symbol for men. I remember metaphors men would use about how a woman was visual accessory / status symbol to their automobile, and the car shows would use women models for photographs and staging, as did CES in Vegas, computer shows, "booth babes".

Much of the violence images in my culture was to depict a conformity of 'better than those others' - not some poor Africans, not some run-down defeated Native Americans / First Peoples. People would complain if film was boring, "too much exposition, give us images of violence and action, show us the story". of course, the part about the film that crowd-pleased / mob-mind most was editing + time-compression, skipping boring learning/teaching - the "anti-exposition" movement would always assume

that words had only a simplistic meaning. The same people (teaching / proclaiming) who said that films with "too much exposition" were always bad, also couldn't seem to translate the metaphors in The Bible to modern metaphors of James Joyce or even the Hindu Upanishads or Navajo Pollen Path. Car chases, gun shootouts, dinosaurs chasing, shark attacks - none of that "exposition" that wasn't even exposition. McDonald's "I'm LOVING IT!" marketing offended nobody around me. The word you use to "exposition" to your life partner is now "I AM LOVING IT!" slogan of a hamburger factory outlet, and you don't protest that "exposition" of loving the flesh of a dead cow / buffalo. Yha, that "exposition" of McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It!" - that's your exposition of compassion, profits. Have you never lived next to cows? Have you never cooked a hamburger at home? McDonald's is about money and over-consumption, and it works.

I never heard or read a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL protest McDonald's using the word "love" with a burger. In the USA, men are AFRAID to say "I love you" to their girlfriend, spouse or friends (#CheckItOut song John Mellencamp 1987 I remember well at age 17)... but they hum a jingle of loving a factory-made sandwich. My two older brothers worked at McDonald's at high school, & I did at age 16 for a couple months, I know the supply chain & assembly... and the exposition - "I am LOVING IT". verse John 1:1

2000 year old book that has verse John 1:1 - nothing supernatural about that idea. Words are God. Do people really not grasp the money invested by McDonald's into repeating "I love you" to a hamburger? That's He / God right there. Nothing supernatural AT ALL, those F.M. Radio waves are generated by electricity - electric media - and that song is repeated over & over as a prayer to a factory-made sandwich. Do you not grasp Mecca is repeating "I love you" to Saudi Royals repeated Arabic music? Daily prayer calls?

Oh yha, I'm just some crank, I live in my mom's basement. All the dismissals / deflections, avoidance of reality. No buddy, I don't live in my mother's basement. I predicted the Arab Spring & traveled to North Africa to prove it, and then I traveled to the Middle East to study the Syria war outbreak. Bible verse John 1:1 you can interpret LITERALLY - no METAPHOR about it. It isn't a joke when people start saying "I love Donald Trump", the Reality HDTV star, and Alex Jones / Rush Limbaugh / Fox News chanting of "I am LOVING IT!" is no joke. God / He Ruler celebrity.

The real leap forward of "I AM LOVING IT!" sandwich worship messaging was Surkov sometime before 2012. The book "Almost Zero" demonstrates to me that this is a practical man, with Tupac photograph on his office desk. Surkov demonstrates #PublicRelations / #EdwardBernays #TorchesOfFreedom in "Almost Zero", and Surkov subtext metaphor structure shows the fault-lines of the Joyce-defined #MonoMyth - "I'm LOVING IT" applied not to a factory sandwich, but to Putin. Surkov + #CambridgeAnalytica - we never stood a chance!

Surkov cracked the Islamic Daily prayers / Mecca, both Shia + Sunni Levant patterns. Surkov cracked McDonald's "I AM LOVING A FACTORY SANDWICH". Surkov got 99%+, almost ALL persons, in the USA into patterns of "I love Donald Trump" xor "I hate Donald Trump" - spinning their minds in a circle while unable to call-out the Internet Research Agency, unable to call out the August 24, 2018 public notice about 2013 onward softening up for a forthcoming disease from Wuhan, China. Mindlessly arguing over xor over, pro/con vaccine, love/hate Don Trump.

Now #DearUSA, you have silenced your authentic critics and educators. Your teachers were so disgusted by how you endlessly argued the pandemic prevention measures (again, August 24 2018 is FACTUAL evidence you were conditioned to argue endlessly in simulation of debate, see Rick Roderick's "Self Under Siege" from 1993 to understand simulation of debate)... you infuriated the teachers minds and hearts, to praise Putin. Endless mask debates, #PutinWon - and when the IRA itself comes up, you blank

But it's 2024, almost March, almost 11 entire years since the IRA went online in memeland electric social media. Total Mockery is entire, everywhere. Malignant Normality.

"I love a factory sandwich", I'm Lovin' It!  What do we do here? Your children's teachers got better jobs now, but your children will rage against fact and truth. The teachers quit! ChatGPT going to teach your kids compassion?

Lyrics: "Another chocolate Easter Bunny, hollowed out by your talk" - John 1:1

#SurkovWon the #MonoMyth wars, the male domination symbol won, #PutinWon ...

WARNING, HEAVY HANDED AND OVER-OBVIOUS, Eh #DearKremlin #DearSurkov #DearPutin - What part of the #NothingBurger is the I'm Lovin' It?

#Duckman #AmericaTheBeautiful

WARNING, HEAVY HANDED AND OVER-OBVIOUS, Eh #DearKremlin #DearSurkov #DearPutin - What part of the #NothingBurger is the I'm Lovin' It?

#SurkovSiege #Ivanka - I mean come on, Hillary Clinton was the target of the Surkov memeprayer patterns, the inversion of that MonoMyth OpCodes / MicroCode would be Ivanka.... Donald serialized her up and down (in Mass Man media) from the youngest age.


Moscow #MissUniverse... #Styx 


“He reads about intersectional feminism or the fluidity of identity not, as I later learned, because he's open to those ideas xor because he wants to invert them: to identify what ideas people attach themselves to & then to weaponize it. What I didn’t know that day is that Bannon wanted to fight a cultural war, & so he had come to people who specialized in informational weapons to help him build his arsenal.”

― Christopher Wylie, Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America, 2019


That previous box on this page was a YouTube PlayList, some hints and allegations about track meanings and symbol cross-reference is published here:  https://www.IndraJāla.com/playlist-notes/Queen_of_The_United_States

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